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“From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travellers for centuries. This continent has contributed a cast of villains and heroes to global history. Historic trading routes sliced across epic terrain as expanding empires competed to trade goods and ideas throughout the continent and beyond.”Lonely Planet

Main - Brunei

Brunei & Hainan, China

Main - China



Main - Indonesia


Main - Japan


Main - Maldives


Main - South Korea

South Korea

Main - Taiwan


Main - Thailand


Europe and Other Destinations

“There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity. Europe’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the Napoleonic splendour of Paris, and the multilayered historical and cultural canvas of London.”Lonely Planet


Main - Russia


Main - Germany

Tour of Europe

Holy Land & Pilgrimage

“At the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa – both geographically and culturally – Israel and the Palestinian Territories have been a meeting place of cultures, empires and religions since history began. Cradle of Judaism and Christianity and sacred to Muslims and Baha’is, the Holy Land invites visitors to immerse themselves in the richness and variety of the region’s religious traditions.“Lonely Planet

Main - Holy Land 3

Holy Land

Main - Spain Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Marian Pilgrimage

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